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  • Exposed: HiTechnic Magnetic Compass

    Exposed: HiTechnic Magnetic Compass

    Exposed December 12, 2012 20:29 2 comments

    The HiTechnic Compass held a lot more internal chips and doodads than I had originally expected, to be very honest.  When one of my readers, Noah, suggested I take it apart and show the World its guts, I had my reservations.  I was pleasantly surprised, as I hope you will […]

  • Exposed! Full Frontal of HiTechnic PIR Sensor!

    Exposed! Full Frontal of HiTechnic PIR Sensor!

    Exposed, Sensors August 16, 2012 21:21 2 comments

    It’s been a while since I last did an “exposed” article, where I take apart a sensor and take intimate pictures of its insides.  The HiTechnic Passive Infra Red (PIR) is a great one though.  It was also one of the most tricky ones to photograph and put back together.  […]

  • Exposed: LEGO Ultrasonic Sensor

    Exposed: LEGO Ultrasonic Sensor

    Exposed September 21, 2011 21:43 46 comments

    This one was a request by one my readers and what a great suggestion! Taking this sensor apart proved a little bit of a challenge.  It wasn’t as eager to give ups secrets as readily as some of the other ones I’ve opened up in the past.  I also didn’t […]

  • Exposed: LEGO Colour Sensor

    Exposed: LEGO Colour Sensor

    Exposed September 16, 2011 17:11 27 comments

    No, not a HiTechnic sensor in this episode of Exposed. Yesterday someone on the Mindboards forums asked what the third bump on the LEGO Colour Sensor was for.  I was curious enough to take a small blade to one of my sensors and take it apart.  I did take some […]

  • Exposed: HiTechnic Barometric Sensor

    Exposed: HiTechnic Barometric Sensor

    Exposed, Sensors August 4, 2011 15:00 no comments

    What’s this?  Two Exposed posts in two days?  What is this madness? To be honest I’ve been wanting to cut HiTechnic’s new Barometric Sensor open since I got it a while back.  I held off while it wasn’t on sale yet since I couldn’t really write about it anyway.  However, […]

  • Exposed: HiTechnic Tetrix Controllers

    Exposed: HiTechnic Tetrix Controllers

    Sensors August 3, 2011 20:05 5 comments

    This Exposed episode is brought to you by Team R.A.B.B.I.  My first thought when opening the envelope from them was “Oh wow, thanks!”  My second thought was “I wonder what these look like on the inside.”  It must’ve taken a lot of restraint but I managed to not open them […]

  • Exposed: HiTechnic Acceleration/Tilt Sensor

    Exposed: HiTechnic Acceleration/Tilt Sensor

    Exposed, Ramblings, Sensors February 20, 2011 11:46 12 comments

    I’ve received a fresh batch of sensor covers in the mail so I can once again show you the gory details of various NXT sensor innards. This time I took a knife to the HiTechnic Acceleration Sensor. I’ve been curious about this one for a little while now. From the […]