NXShield for Arduino


This shield is designed to fit on an Arduino. It will have 4 NXT motor ports, 4 NXT sensor ports and several RC servo motor ports. It allows you to use the I2C port on the Arduino. However it will have only a single I2C bus.  That means it will work fine with multiple digital sensors as long as they all use a different address.  So you can’t have two Ultrasound sensors attached to this because they both use address 0×02.
The NXShield will attach to an Arduino Duemilanove or Uno or similar Arduino clones. (Picture shown here with a Duemilanove)
The programming for the NXShield will be on Arduino, using the usual Arduino C/C++ programming environment or ROBOTC (very soon).

Some mystery Android Product


Next week Mindsensors will announce a new Android product that I am sure you will like.  What will it be?  I guess you’re going to have to wait. I know what it is (and I’ve seen pictures of it)…but I’m not telling.