imageSince I’ve been working on my Kinect application I’ve had to deal with Bluetooth addresses a lot and it seems pretty tricky to map these to their associated friendly names.  To avoid the problem altogether, I’ve started renaming all my bricks to the last 3 LSB (Least Significant Bytes), seeing as the 3 MSBs are always the same anyway.  This gives each brick a unique 6 digit hexadecimal name.  No friendly name == no problem!

I know, it’s not as “fun” as calling your brick “Roger” or “Henry” but it’s a heck of a lot more practical when you have a bunch of them.  Most folks leave their brick’s name as “NXT”, which is also not great and doesn’t work if you have more than one.

Anyway, say “Good bye” to Poppy and hello to “0B1A88”. My other bricks will follow suit in the next little while.