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  • Kinect SDK v1.5 is out now

    Kinect SDK v1.5 is out now

    C# May 21, 2012 20:10 2 comments

    Over on the Kinect Blog, they announced a new version of the Kinect SDK.  I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with it lately, mainly because my application needs to be completely rewritten when they moved from beta to 1.0.  This new version has some new simple […]

  • Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2

    Kinect for Windows SDK Beta 2

    C# November 7, 2011 17:30 no comments

    Microsoft released a new version of the Kinect SDK a few days ago and I totally missed it!  They have also made a really nice site for it, too.  You can check it out here: [LINK]. Some of the new things in this version of the SDK include: Faster  and […]

  • NXT Naming Scheme

    NXT Naming Scheme

    Ramblings September 25, 2011 10:58 2 comments

    Since I’ve been working on my Kinect application I’ve had to deal with Bluetooth addresses a lot and it seems pretty tricky to map these to their associated friendly names.  To avoid the problem altogether, I’ve started renaming all my bricks to the last 3 LSB (Least Significant Bytes), seeing […]

  • Kinect SDK Beta Refresh

    Kinect SDK Beta Refresh

    C#, Programming, Sensors August 2, 2011 19:52 3 comments

    Microsoft has released a new refresh of the Kinect SDK. The new beta has a few driver updates and some run time enhancements.  They also worked on improving the documentation. More information about the latest Kinect SDK update can be found on the official website: [LINK] You can download the […]

  • Mindsqualls is Back from the Dead!

    Mindsqualls is Back from the Dead!

    C#, NXT, Programming, Ramblings July 26, 2011 07:48 no comments

    After a prolonged hibernation period, the Mindsqualls project is back from the dead and version 2.0 has been released. I was using an older version in my super secret Kinect project, so it is nice to see that is being maintained again. Mindsqualls is one of the easiest to use […]

  • Kinect SDK is Finally Here!

    Kinect SDK is Finally Here!

    C#, Programming, Sensors June 16, 2011 21:00 1 comment

    The Kinect SDK is here and the tutorial series of basic fundamentals on it also arrived: The Kinect SDK Beta download: [LINK] Installing and using the Kinect sensor: [LINK] Camera fundamentals: [LINK] Skeletal Tracking fundamentals: [LINK] Audio fundamentals: [LINK] Depth data directives: [LINK] Via [Kinect Hacks] Now I can finally […]

  • Controlling your NXT with the Kinect

    C#, Experiments, NXT, Programming, Robots, Sensors April 10, 2011 07:34 24 comments

    After seeing the video posted on Mauro Brunato’s website, I got all sorts of ideas in my head for other cool things to do with it. With a little help from my friend SC, I managed to get my hands on one of these Kinect sensors as well. It wasn’t […]