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Free E-Book: Fully ARMed NXT

Fully ARMed NXTHot off the virtual press, one of Mindboards’ most technical users, tcwan (real name Tat-Chee Wan), has published an e-book called “Fully ARMed NXT”.  The book is a highly technical book, which will teach you all the ins and outs of programming ARM assembler, using NXOS.  NXOS is an open source real time OS for the NXT.

At almost 300 pages, not including the index and appendices, the author has gone through great lengths to explain all the concepts and techniques that go into managing a microcontroller and interacting with the world around it.  The e-book covers everything from basic types to assembly language syntax to arbitration schemes for subsumption architectures.

If you’re not scared of low-level technical programming and want to learn how to apply these skills to the NXT’s ARM7 processor or if you’re simply someone who is curious as to what makes the NXT tick, then this one’s for you.

The e-book is free of charge for non-commercial use and can be picked up here: [LINK]

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