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New: Dexter Industries BrickPi+

BrickPi-BoardDexter Industries have released a new version of their very successful BrickPi, the BrickPi+.  It sports quite a number of improvements over its predecessors:

  • It now plays nice with EV3 sensors, that’s very cool.
  • It has better motor protection by adding a more powerful motor controller chip, which has improved back-EMF and overheating handling.
  • You can keep track of your battery’s power, which is handy if you want to find a safe spot to park your robot before the juice runs out.
  • A very nice looking, enclosed case with sensor and motor labels engraved on it.
  • A more robust power connection using a standard 5V barrel connector.
  • The firmware has had a complete overhaul.
  • It looks like it sits more comfortably on the smaller Raspberry Pis (A+, B+ V2)


All the software is open source, of course and readily available on Github.  You can read the original post on DI’s website here: [LINK].

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