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PiStorms Challenge

So, you like Raspberry Pi but would prefer to build with LEGO?  No problem!  You can use the Mindsensors PiStorms to add a touch screen, buttons and motor and sensor ports to your Pi.  The designs for the LEGO Technic compatible parts that come with this are completely open source and available for anyone to tweak as they see fit. ... Read More »

TechWeek Competition Entry

I was approached last week by TechWeek to take part in a competition to design an office device. My device is a fairly simple one, maybe not to make, but certainly to use. What is it? It’s the iPIckU, a RaspberryPi based device to help you pick a volunteer for the job that nobody wants.  The device consists of a ... Read More »

The Mindstorms Annual Online Competition

Looking for an interesting challenge to hone your robot building skills?  Want to pit your skills against the rest of the World?  If so, then The Mindstorms Annual Online Competition might be just the thing for you. Here’s a run down taken from various pages on the official site: Rules All entries MUST be submitted before 25th December Up to ... Read More »

Moonbots deadline has been extended to July 18

Original article here: [LINK] The registration deadline has been extended to July 18. Register here. What needs to be submitted in Phase One? Team Biography Team Photo Team Video Answer to Creative Question Answer to Outreach Question Registration Consent Forms for All Team Members and Team Captain must be received. Just make sure to read the official rules carefully. now ... Read More »

RobotMC Team Building Day 2011

Team Building Day 2011

Don’t fall off! Yesterday was the fourth installment of the RobotMC Team Building Day.  This event is organised every year and is probably the most laid-back and fun robotics event on the planet, I kid you not. It is an all-day event, starting at about 09:00 and ending at around 17:00, so it’s a long day of building, programming and ... Read More »

NXTLOG Explorer Bot Challenge

The NXTLog website has a very cool challenge up! I blatantly stole the article below from the NXT Step. Original article: [LINK] There are robot explorers all over the world and even on Mars! We are challenging you this summer to invent the NXT great generation of explorer robots with your MINDSTORMS NXT. Will your robot explore the desert, the ... Read More »