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  • ROBOTC 3.x Driver Suite is now on Git

    ROBOTC 3.x Driver Suite is now on Git

    ROBOTC Driver Suite December 13, 2013 12:25 2 comments

    The ROBOTC 3.x Driver Suite is in maintenance mode right now and I’ve decided to put it all on Git.  I will no longer create releases like I did before, rather, I will simply push to the repository as bugs are fixed.  There will be no more feature additions to […]

  • BotBench on GitHub

    BotBench on GitHub

    Programming June 3, 2013 14:04 9 comments

    I’ve started putting some of my code that I’m working on GitHub.  You can now access my repositories here: [LINK]. The first on there is my Robot Virtual Worlds Maze Crawler.  If you don’t have Git, don’t worry, you can also just download the whole thing as a zip file. […]