USB SerTower RCX Thanks to a very generous person named Thorsten on the ROBOTC forums I am now the proud owner of

  • A RCX 2.0 brick
  • An IR Tower
  • An RCX remote control (not pictured)
  • A USB<->Serial converter

I’ve been asked in the past to add support to my ROBOTC drivers for communicating with an RCX using the HiTechnic IR Link sensor.  It seems he is very keen to have support for it as he was more than happy to send me one of his babies for me keep to be able to start working on it.  Now I have no excuse for not making it work.  I had better start reading some documentation on the RCX’s internals and IR protocol. If anyone has suggestions as to where to start, please leave a comment.

Thorsten’s done some pretty cool things with his RCXs as you can see from the video here:

There is also an article in Railbricks #3, page 44, where he gives an overview of some of the hackery he performs.  Well worth checking out.

Once again, thank you Thorsten!