Disco Inferno Part II

Sidneys1 has come up with an improved version of my own Disco Inferno, written in NXC. His article has a great explanation of what PWM is and how it works. So if you’re keen to know the finer details about how RS485 can be used to control the brightness of a light or a motor, go check it out: [LINK].  ... Read More »

NXC Driver for dGPS

I made a port of the ROBOTC driver to NXC.  The function calls are pretty much identical. The zip file includes the driver and a test program. You can download it here: [LINK].  Enjoy! Read More »

Coming Soon…(If All Goes Well That Is)

Thanks to a very generous person named Thorsten on the ROBOTC forums I am now the proud owner of A RCX 2.0 brick An IR Tower An RCX remote control (not pictured) A USB<->Serial converter I’ve been asked in the past to add support to my ROBOTC drivers for communicating with an RCX using the HiTechnic IR Link sensor.  It ... Read More »

Lego E-Meter Drivers

Yesterday and today I’ve played a bit with the upcoming E-Meter from the Renewable Energy Add-on Set and whipped up both ROBOTC and NXC drivers for it.  The NXC driver you can find linked below, the ROBOTC driver will be part of the next release of the Driver Suite. You can download the NXC driver right here: [LINK]. Read More »

Official NXT Firmware 1.29 Sources Available at LEGO

No big announcement from the LEGO side, but it seems that the source code for the 1.29 firmware is now available at the LEGO website.  You can download it right here: [LINK].  As per usual, the naming standard of LEGO’s downloadable files will make identifying the file super easy. In order to compile this, you will need a copy of ... Read More »

Released: NXC driver for HiTechnic Sensor MUX

This NXC driver for the HiTechnic Sensor MUX has SMUX-equivalents of all the standard NXC functions for the supported sensors.  For example, to read the HiTechnic Colour Sensor without the SMUX, you’d use ReadSensorHTColor().  The SMUX version is called smuxReadSensorHTColor() and has pretty much the same arguments. I’ve also added some Doxygen-generated documentation to go with it and two examples, ... Read More »

Power Programming – Robotics in C

I received my copy of John Hansen’s “Power Programming – Robotics in C”, second edition, a few weeks ago and I’ve read the whole thing. It’s a big book, a little over 540 pages, so it took me some time.  One of the coolest thing I like about this book is that almost all of the models can be built ... Read More »

HiTechnic SMUX Tutorial

The HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexer (SMUX) is a complex sensor that requires a fair amount of intimate knowledge of its operation in order to use it.  The tutorial has both ROBOTC and NXC examples.  Please note that error checking for all the I2C calls is outside the scope of this tutorial.  This was done so as to not clutter the code ... Read More »