imageThe “Minifig Vomit Mobile” is what my friend Marc-Andre called the omniwheel I took the video of.  I felt that in order for that name to be more accurate, I had to add a minifig to the robot, so here he is, on the left.  Unfortunately, this one has no internal organs, being a skeleton and all, so there is, in fact, no stomach to vomit from.  

There seems to be a common misconception that the code for this robot would very complex.  However, that’s not the case;  it’s actually surprisingly simple.  You can download the ROBOTC code right here: [LINK] and take a look for yourself.  I am not sure how you would make it work with NXT-G 2.0, seeing as there is no updated sin/cos blocks that work with floats, but it should be trivial to port to NXC.

Skeletor rides off into the sunset