BOFH-2012 EX-Q, the ultimate Bastard Operator From Hell Excuse generator.

  • Not sure why the server is not working right?
  • Can’t be bothered to figure why the mails aren’t being served?
  • Just want to shut up the person on the other side of the phone line?

Now you can do all that at the touch of a button!  Here are some examples of super useful excuses you can use:


The Bastard Operator From Hell, affectionately known as the BOFH, is a series of stories by the legendary Simon Travaglia who wrote these back in the early ‘90s.  If you don’t know who he is and you still dare to call yourself a geek/nerd, you are living a lie.  Now go read these stories and don’t come back until you’re done.


Oh, you can download the sources and the text file with the excuses here: [LINK].  Enjoy!  Be sure to read the README.txt in the zip file.