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BobBot Mk2

Meet BobBot Mk2, the intellectually challenged robot.  This subsumption based robot is probably the most challenging robot I’ve ever had to program.  It has quite a number of sensors: Mindsensors NXTCamV3 Mindsensors Magic Wand Mindsensors Dist-nx HiTechnic Sensor MUX HiTechnic EOPD LEGO Touch Sensor x 2 LEGO US Sensor Subsumption is not something I have an awful lot of experience ... Read More »

Good Things Come In Small Packages?

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to do something with the RAMTRON FM24V10 chips that I got as a sample some time last year. They’re I2C EEPROM drop-in replacements, meaning they are functionally and electrically identical to the standard ones we see everywhere.  Their main advantage over standard I2C EEPROM chips is that you don’t have the 5ms delay ... Read More »

Pan and Tilt Rig for NXTCamV3 and Firmware Tests

I’ve been meaning to build something cool with the NXTCamV3 for a while now but never got around to it. I tried making the Omniwheel suitable for the NXTCam but unfortunately the wheels cause way too much vibration when the robot moves.  Oh well, in the not so distant future I hope to pick up a few of these babies: ... Read More »

Another masterful hack from Philo

Philo has come up with another rather awesome NXT hack.  Using a Power Functions IR receiver, some additional components and a lot of creativity, he has made it possible to send up to 9 different combinations to the NXT using your PF remote.  For all the details and large pictures of how to achieve this feat, make sure you check ... Read More »

Mindstorms Power Scope

Mindsensors was kind of enough to send me one of their prototype sensors, the Power Meter, to play with.  It’s a sensor that allows you to measure, among other things, the current and voltage of anything you care to connect to it (within limits, of course).  The first thing that came to mind was building something that would log the ... Read More »

I Feel The Need, The Need For Speed…

In an earlier article I wrote, I tested how fast I could push the HiTechnic ProtoBoard and the MAX127 ADC under ROBOTC.  In a recent discussion with Deepak from Mindsensors, I2C speeds in ROBOTC on the NXT came up.  The questions arose about the most efficient read size for the NXT and if there was a ceiling or a cut-off ... Read More »

Connecting the NXT to an ArduinoMega

I’ve had my ArduinoMega for almost 2 weeks now and until today I had no luck getting it to work as an I2C slave with the NXT.  The NXT is a finicky beast when it comes to I2C.  It’s really not all that standard and requires very high pull-ups (82K) for the NXT to be able to pull the lines ... Read More »

All aboard the Arduino Bandwagon!

Having read the countless articles, websites and hearing about it from friends, I’ve decided to jump on the Arduino bandwagon.  I bought one of the new ArduinoMega boards with a very nice shield and some other things.    The ArduinoMega is an Arduino compatible board with an ATmega1280 controller that has 128KB flash, 8KB SRAM and 4KB EEPROM.  It has ... Read More »

TwitterTattle: Big Brother Is Watching You

I love our dogs more than anything.  Even more than my NXTs.  I can hear you all gasp and mutter “blasphemer!”.  Now before you throw me on the fire, you must understand that I was a dog person before I was a robot person. Anyway, as I was saying, as much as I love my dogs, they have a tendency ... Read More »

Release your inner evil scientist

Are you a budding evil scientist but lack the electronics skills to build your own sharks with laser beams?  Well, you no longer need to outsource your plans for world domination to second rate henchmen.  Now you can learn the skills needed to do this kind of thing yourself. HiTechnic have brought out the Experimenter’s Kit A, which consists of ... Read More »