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HiTechnic Sensor Hack

In two previous articles (here and here) I had tried to come up with a way to use IR light to gauge distances.  It wasn’t very successful, but such is the risk of trying something new.  So last night, whilst sitting at my laptop, I wondered if there was a way to emulate a $10 device (a Sharp IR Sensor) ... Read More »

Sharp IR MUX board

What is nicer than attaching a Sharp IR sensor to your NXT?  Attaching 8 of them, of course. That is what my friend Helmut wanted to do with his NXT.  Unfortunately, as good a programmer as he might be, messing around with electronics just wasn’t his “Tasse Tee” (that is cup of tea for you non-German speaking folks). 8 Sharp ... Read More »

Take control of your NXTCam2

Technorati Tags: NXTCam,Mindsensors,NXT,RobotC I got a Mindsensors NXTCam2 for my birthday last year but hadn’t had much time to play with it yet.  That is, until today.  The NXTCam2 detects objects by matching them to one of 8 user-programmable colour ranges.  The objects and their colour can then be retrieved via a few trivial I2C commands. You would think that ... Read More »

Taking I2C to the max on the NXT

I’ve been quite busy the last few days with various performance testing.  A friend of mine is keen to develop a robo-football platform.  Due to the nature of the game, very fast sensor updates and processing is required to track the ball and the opponents.  I’ve offered to work on an extension for the NXT allowing him to hook up ... Read More »

HiTechnic Prototype Board Driver

Here’s the first release of the HiTechnic Prototype Board driver for RobotC.  It has all the basic functionality you’ll need to use it. byte HTPBReadIO(tSensors _link, byte _mask) Returns values of inputs specified by mask void HTPBWriteIO(tSensors _link, byte _mask) Writes values to outputs specified by mask void HTPBSetupIO(tSensors _link, byte _mask) Configure the ports for input or output according ... Read More »

Thanks HiTechnic!

This morning the postman delivered a small package from HiTechnic, the Lego NXT Sensor folks.  Steve, one of the engineers, asked me if I would be interested in writing a RobotC driver for their Prototype Board.  I said I was, so he told me he’d send one and here it is.  I guess now I have to fulfill my end ... Read More »

In (Remote) Control with the HiTechnic IR Link Sensor

The HiTechnic IR Link Sensor allows you to use IR signals to communicate with the Power Functions IR receivers, the remote controllable Lego trains and the venerable RCX. I bought myself one a few weeks ago and have been busy tinkering with it ever since.  I contacted the HiTechnic company to ask for some documentation on how this sensor worked ... Read More »

IR Distance Gauging with the MAX127

Using a pot meter to test the MAX127 is not a hugely useful way to exploit the power of this ADC.  Instead, this time I have replaced the pot meter with an IR receiver. The main part of this circuit is still exactly the same as in the previous MAX127 post.  The only difference this time is the IR receiver, ... Read More »

MAXimum conversion

It’s been a little while since my last article about adding peripherals to the NXT, but not due to the lack of experimenting and programming, let me tell you.  In my quest to tame the Maxim MAX127, I ran into a few annoying bugs in RobotC.  The first one involved not being able to use structs of bytes to send ... Read More »

Attack of the Clones

If you’ve been reading my articles (1, 2) on the Mindsensors PCF8574A board but are unable to purchase one for any number of reasons, here’s a blatant clone made on a breadboard.  It will function pretty much the same way as the Real Thing but doesn’t look nearly as nice.  Below you will find the schematic and the values of ... Read More »