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  • Upcoming Project: RPi EV3 Remote

    Upcoming Project: RPi EV3 Remote

    Experiments July 22, 2014 20:03 2 comments

    Inspiration struck me the other day and I’ve come up with a new project.  I’m going to use a Raspberry PI for it, since I am such a fan of Linux, to make a remote control for the EV3.  It’s going to use an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to control […]

  • Bricktronics Breakout Board

    Bricktronics Breakout Board

    Experiments January 12, 2014 18:07 2 comments

    Last week, I received no less than 6 of the Bricktronics Breakout Boards from Wayne & Layne LLC.  If you think that name sounds familiar, you’re right, they’re the authors of the “Make Lego and Arduino Projects” book.  These adapters would definitely be indispensable if you’re planning to do any […]

  • EV3: Creating a Console Cable

    EV3: Creating a Console Cable

    EV3, Experiments August 15, 2013 10:24 8 comments

    As some of you know, the EV3 runs a stripped down version of the Angstrom Linux distribution. The cool thing is that the kernel has been configured to output diagnostics data to the first sensor port (S1).  You can easily access this data by using a USB to serial converter.  […]

  • Setting up a Wi-Fi AP on your Computer

    Setting up a Wi-Fi AP on your Computer

    Experiments November 30, 2012 16:05 3 comments

    If you’re like me, and you do a fair bit of playing around with Wi-Fi sensors, you may find that you don’t always want to connect your contraption directly to your home network.  There are two alternatives, setup a second wireless router, or, if you’re using Windows 7 or 8, […]

  • Little Big Data: Splunk meets NXT

    Little Big Data: Splunk meets NXT

    Experiments June 11, 2012 19:59 8 comments

    Splunk is an enterprise-class machine data gathering and analysis tool, capable of consuming 100s of gigabytes of machine generated data and turning it into arbitrarily searchable data and presenting it with fancy reports and graphs.  I’ve used Splunk in the past for a project and another time to do post-mortem […]

  • Fun with the AnyWays

    Fun with the AnyWays

    Experiments December 3, 2011 10:06 5 comments

    Last Thursday Laurens Valk came over to chat and play.  We thought it would be fun to try and do something with our AnyWays, Laurens had brought his with him.  We thought it would be fun to make one follow the other. We’d use the HT IR Ball as a […]

  • UI Frame Work – More Button Pushing

    UI Frame Work – More Button Pushing

    Experiments November 5, 2011 16:24 5 comments

    Today I’ve been quite busy programming a more generic framework for using buttons, strings and multiple windows on the NXT.  Things like button pressing is now handled centrally, as well as rendering the windows and the buttons in their current state.  It’s starting to take shape now and it’s not […]

  • Pressing my Buttons!

    Pressing my Buttons!

    Experiments November 4, 2011 22:12 6 comments

    I thought it would be kind of fun to modify some of my program to make use of the Mindsensors TouchPanel sensor.  Having buttons on the screen would make it a lot more intuitive to use.  So here’s a first short video of a 3D button that you can press […]

  • Mindsensors TouchPanel: Noise-a-Tron

    Mindsensors TouchPanel: Noise-a-Tron

    Experiments October 29, 2011 12:40 4 comments

    This is possibly the most annoying musical instrument in the world. My dogs weren’t all that impressed with it either.  It’s like the Theremin from hell without any of the redeeming features.  It is to music as ketchup is to pasta sauce. So it is not without some pride that […]

  • Yo Dawg…

    Yo Dawg…

    Experiments October 11, 2011 17:08 3 comments

    …So I built you this LEGO contraption so you don’t need to hold that mobile phone anymore. Can you believe that my wife actually sat there patiently while I built this thing next to her?  She was complaining about her arms getting sore from holding up her mobile phone so […]