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Hockey is no longer just for humans.

Gus from HiTechnic sent me a link to a very cool hockey robot he’s built, based on the Trike-base.  I know it’s not a puck, but it’s the thought that counts! Perhaps we should send a couple of them to Vancouver to help the Canadian team after their defeat last weekend!  Now put your hands on your cheeks, squeeze and ... Read More »

It’s alive!!! It’s alive!!!

After weeks of programming, I can finally say that the robot arm is done!  it moves quite  nicely, albeit a little slow. All in all, I am quite pleased with the final result.  The whole thing was programmed in ROBOTC 2.x. After a weekend of programming and fiddling, it has now become an integral part of the Lego High Bay ... Read More »

Current project: giant robot arm

At the last Lego World in Zwolle, a very large High Bay Storage system was demoed.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, certain parts of it hadn’t been completely finished yet.  I was lucky enough to be able to get involved with this amazing project and was given the responsibility of programming one of the many robots in it.   This ... Read More »

My Omnipotent Omniwheel

For the Lego World 2009 in the Netherlands I built an omniwheeled robot.  It’s been done thousands of times before and the Internet is full of great (and not so great) examples.  I wondered why I hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon so I got cracking.  This was the first prototype I made back in August.  I was on a Lego ... Read More »

Mean Lean Line Leading Machine

Several months ago I saw on the Mindsensors website that they were looking for beta testers for their upcoming Line Leader sensor.  I applied and shortly thereafter I was contacted by one of the guys there named Deepak. He told me they were still in Alpha testing phase but that they’d get back to me when they were ready to ... Read More »


My current project, well, the one I seem to be spending the most time on is a robot called A-Maze-Ing. It is based on a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick. This robot is, or rather, will be, a line-maze solving robot. The first challenge in building this robot was its size. Rules dictate the robot should not exceed 15x15x15 cm at ... Read More »