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  • Hockey is no longer just for humans.

    NXT, Robots, Sensors February 25, 2010 21:00 no comments

    Gus from HiTechnic sent me a link to a very cool hockey robot he’s built, based on the Trike-base.  I know it’s not a puck, but it’s the thought that counts! Perhaps we should send a couple of them to Vancouver to help the Canadian team after their defeat last […]

  • It’s alive!!! It’s alive!!!

    NXT, Ramblings, Robots January 17, 2010 22:49 7 comments

    After weeks of programming, I can finally say that the robot arm is done!  it moves quite  nicely, albeit a little slow. All in all, I am quite pleased with the final result.  The whole thing was programmed in ROBOTC 2.x. After a weekend of programming and fiddling, it has […]

  • Current project: giant robot arm

    NXT, Ramblings, Robots January 7, 2010 08:17 8 comments

    At the last Lego World in Zwolle, a very large High Bay Storage system was demoed.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints, certain parts of it hadn’t been completely finished yet.  I was lucky enough to be able to get involved with this amazing project and was given the responsibility of […]

  • My Omnipotent Omniwheel

    NXT, ROBOTC, Robots November 10, 2009 20:09 9 comments

    For the Lego World 2009 in the Netherlands I built an omniwheeled robot.  It’s been done thousands of times before and the Internet is full of great (and not so great) examples.  I wondered why I hadn’t jumped on that bandwagon so I got cracking.  This was the first prototype […]

  • Mean Lean Line Leading Machine

    Mean Lean Line Leading Machine

    NXT, Robots, Sensors April 17, 2009 21:39 5 comments

    Several months ago I saw on the Mindsensors website that they were looking for beta testers for their upcoming Line Leader sensor.  I applied and shortly thereafter I was contacted by one of the guys there named Deepak. He told me they were still in Alpha testing phase but that […]

  • A-Maze-Ing


    NXT, Robots June 10, 2008 21:33 1 comment

    My current project, well, the one I seem to be spending the most time on is a robot called A-Maze-Ing. It is based on a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick. This robot is, or rather, will be, a line-maze solving robot. The first challenge in building this robot was its size. […]