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Rotacaster wheels now available from HiTechnic

HiTechnic have started selling the Rotacaster wheels now as well.  That’s great news for people who live State-side.  Now you won’t have to worry about US customs intercepting your nice wheels and using them for something themselves. HiTechnic is selling them in packs of two and you can get right here: [LINK]. They plan to have cool models up on ... Read More »

Rotacaster wheel contest: 10 days left!

Don’t forget that if you want to win 3 of those awesome Rotacaster wheels, you have only 10 days left to submit your idea to xander_at_botbench_dot_com (fix the address). You MUST put the words “ROTACASTER GIVE AWAY” in the subject. More details can be found here: [LINK]. Read More »

Sometimes you win…sometimes you get omni-humped.

I was working on an omniwheeled robot last night, trying some code that would ensure the vehicle would go straight even if the motors were not perfectly in sync.  Unfortunately, there seemed to be a bit of a bug in the code which lead to some pretty erratic behaviour. So as you can see, not all of my projects are ... Read More »

Rotacaster wheel contest!

Feeling lucky? So you feeling lucky, punk?  Well, do you?  If you so, why not enter the Rotacaster wheel contest?  There are three sets of three wheels to give away. One set of each of the wheels below. Hardness: S35A (soft) Hardness: S35A (soft) Hardness: S65A (harder) They’re all compatible with the LEGO cross-axle and all are very nice to work ... Read More »

New Rotacaster Wheels

These are the new Rotacaster wheels that arrived Monday morning. The one with the orange hub has dark grey, soft, very grippy rollers; the wheel with the dark grey hub  has slightly harder, orange rollers. These are the latest prototypes and they have undergone some great improvements; the rollers roll more freely and the hubs grip the axels in a ... Read More »

Do You Like NXT-G and Trig?

Thanks to the hard work of Gus Jansson of HiTechnic, you can now do sin, cos and atan2, all from the comfort of your NXT-G programming environment!  How cool is that? Just go to this page and scroll to the bottom.  There are integer versions for NXT-G 1.0 and floating point ones for NXT-G 2.0. They’re proper NXT-G blocks and ... Read More »

Rotacaster One-Kit Omniwheel Program Update

I made some updates to the line following program for the Rotacaster One-Kit Omniwheel robot.  This version 2.0 allows you to adjust the Gain and Power variables by turning the back wheels back and forth.  When you’re happy with the values, you can hit one of the bumpers and it’ll start the auto-calibration routine and attempt to follow the course ... Read More »

Rotacaster One-Kit Omniwheel

As I was building one of my previous omniwheel frames, I wondered if I could rebuild it using nothing more than the parts that came with an NXT 2.0 Retail kit and three Rotacaster omniwheels.  After a few hours I came up with this: Quite nice and a pretty stiff frame that doesn’t bend much. Please note that not all ... Read More »

Another Omniwheeled Robot

Earlier this week I received another package from Rotacaster with some more wheels for me to test and play with.  These ones had new molded hubs, instead of the white 3D printed ones. The grip on the axles is much better now and they’re still working on making them even better. The wheels have three different durometers (hardness) and I’m ... Read More »

Apollo, The Littlest LineLeader

This is Apollo, the smallest NXT based line follower I’ve ever made.  It’s loosely based on A-Maze-Ing, which I designed and built quite a while ago. Apollo is equipped some pretty cool stuff: The new Mindsensors Numpad A Mindsensors LineLeader sensor Two Rotacaster wheels The program in this robot is based on the same one I wrote for the Mean ... Read More »