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Mindsensors Pneumatic Valve Servo Kit

Mindsensors are about to bring out a new servo kit that allows you to control a standard LEGO pneumatic valve. It comes as a kit, complete with all the bits and pieces including:

  • A small microservo
  • Two Technic axels
  • A few bushings and other small pieces
  • A mounting kit for the servo
  • A pneumatic valve

Here are some pictures of what mine looked like after I put it together and one of my modification to make it stiffer and easier to mount.

Original designSmall modification

These servos can be controlled using the Mindsensors NXTServo sensor which allows you to control up to 8 servos.

I am currently working on making a modified Snatcher using the pneumatic valves that were sent to me. I’ll post something when it’s done!

Update 14 March 2011: the pricing for the kit will be as follows:

  • $22.95 for the kit with the pneumatic valve (4694b)
  • $19.45 for the kit without the valve

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