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Lookin’ Hot: Thermal Infrared Sensor

Hey baby, you’re on fire!  No really, you are, I can tell with my new Thermal Infrared Sensor from Dexter Industries.

Back of sensor with cover for thermopileFront of sensor with ISP, ATtiny and NXT connector

This sensor came in the mail today, it’s Dexter Industries’ latest sensor, the Thermal Infrared Sensor. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I have some great ideas in mind.  All will be revealed shortly!

The sensor uses a MLX90614 digital thermopile sensor and an ATtiny processor to interface between the sensor and NXT. The sensor works by reading the infrared light waves emitted from an object.  It can handle temperatures between -70°C and +380°C with accuracy of 0.5°C and a resolution of 0.02°C.  That is pretty awesome!

If you want to read up all about this great sensor in greater detail, I would suggest you go check out the manual webpage for this sensor.  The manual site is still under construction but it’s quite detailed and has the latest updated information.

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