Skittles is watching you!This is a quick video I shot with my mobile phone of a new robot called Skittles.

Why did I call it Skittles, you ask?  Well, it’s got all colours in the rainbow in it because I simply don’t have enough bricks of one or two colours to build the whole thing uniformly.  So I figured I may as well go completely overboard and make the whole thing completely randomly coloured.  I think I really succeeded in that department.

Anyway, at the moment, Skittles is still very much in early development phase, which means that I haven’t done much other than building and wiring it all up.  The wiring I’m actually quite proud of, it’s super tidy and you can hardly see any of it.  I will post better pictures in a later post.

Skittles currently sports the following:

So that still leaves one sensor port free and 3 motor ports.  Who knows what I’ll end up doing with those.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the video I made, enjoy!