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Awesome EV3 Daisy Chain Cable

Finding the right USB cable for your EV3 daisy chaining needs is not easy.  Most of them will stick out like a sore thumb, but not this one.  It features 90 degree angled connectors that work with you, rather than against you.  I came across this one on Deal Extreme two weeks ago and ordered it straight away.  I wasn’t sure if it would interfere with the motor cables but much to my surprise, it did not.  As you can see from the pictures, the motor port is not obstructed in any way.  The coolest thing about is that the big connector is slightly less than 2U high, so you can really shield the connector from being knocked into with two simple 3×5 beams.  It has a maximum length of 135 cm, but I have not tested stretching it that far.

CIMG3249 CIMG3251 CIMG3252CIMG3253 CIMG3254 CIMG3257

You can buy the cable here: [LINK].  When I ordered it, it was only $3.  I just ordered another 5, just in case I ever need them.  If you see a better cable for decent price, leave a comment!

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