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  • LEGO World: Photos

    LEGO World: Photos

    Ramblings October 28, 2011 12:35 no comments

    Tammy, my wonderful wife, was at LEGO World 2011 on day 2 and took a whole bunch of photos, which came out very nicely.  You can view the album here: [LINK]. Below is a small selection.  Click on the images to take you a bigger version.    

  • LEGO World Day 5–All Things Must Pass

    LEGO World Day 5–All Things Must Pass

    Ramblings October 23, 2011 22:23 no comments

    Today was the last day for me at LEGO World, as it was for a number of the exhibitors at the Mindstorms booth.  I procured some Rotacaster wheels for the Kassler University guys (thanks Peter) and they wasted no time cloning the omniwheeled robot this morning.  It was a real […]

  • LEGO World Day 4–Batter up!

    LEGO World Day 4–Batter up!

    Ramblings October 23, 2011 07:27 2 comments

    Saturday, day 4, was a really awesome day.  Peter McKinnon and Claus Seitz from Rotacaster drove up from Duesseldorf to come see me.  It was great to finally meet each other after almost a year and half of mailing and Skyping during the development process of their robotic omniwheels.  They […]

  • LEGO World Day 3–United Nations

    Ramblings October 22, 2011 07:43 2 comments

    Day 3 at LEGO World welcomed a big group of new exhibitors; we now have Ricardo Oliviera from Portugal with his vending machine, Sebastian Trella from Germany who brought a couple of his educational robots, Lasse and Kenneth, the two Danish guys with the awesome blimp and 3 guys from […]

  • LEGO World Day 1–Ready to rock!

    Ramblings October 20, 2011 07:00 5 comments

    Day 1 started a little late for me because I had to make a stop-over at Eric’s work to pick up a robot (as if we didn’t have enough of those yet) and his laptop for Monster Chess.  The place was a real ant-hill, all sold out and it looks […]

  • LEGO World Day 0–building the stand

    Ramblings October 19, 2011 08:15 4 comments

    I shot a small video of the LEGO Mindstorms stand being built and the weirdos that inhabit it.  I’ll try to make a video of each day. A small warning, this video contains some slightly NSFW language (one bad word).  I am pretty sure it won’t get you fired, though.  […]

  • LEGO World Zwolle October 19-26 2011

    LEGO World Zwolle October 19-26 2011

    Ramblings August 31, 2011 15:08 1 comment

    In just 6 weeks’, the biggest, most exciting LEGO show is going to take place in Zwolle, The Netherlands. This year the Mindstorms and Technic themes will join forces and have a massive combined stand that will take up a complete separate area at the venue. There will be other […]