No rest for the wicked, although they have been taking it a bit easier. In any case, I present my latest creation: version 2.0 beta 2 of the Driver Suite. Not as many changes as for beta 1, as you’d expect. Highlights for this version include:

  • I changed the min, max and clip functions to macros and renamed them to min2, min3, max2, max3 and clip.  min2 and min3 are for two and three numbers respectively and will work with any type.
  • I’ve added support for the MicroInfiniy CruizCore XG1300L with two example programs.  One is a text only example but I got a bit fancy with the second version and made some graphical representation of the data from the sensor.  Try it, you’ll like it, I’m sure.  The new driver is called MICC-driver.h, the examples are MICC-test1.c and MICC-test2.c
  • Fixed MSDISTsendCmd() in the Mindsensors DIST-nx driver
  • I added MSMMUX-test2.c to show how to use MMUX with a daisy chained sensor (DIST-nx)

You can download it from here: [LINK].