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New Beta NXT-G Blocks from HiTechnic

I may not be much of an NXT-G programmer but I can spot a good thing when I see it.  Gus over at HiTechnic has been a very busy man. Last time he brought us the really awesome PID motor block but this time he went the extra mile and made no less than three new blocks:

New IR Seeker block, works with old and new sensorEnhanced IR Seeker V2 blockThe limit block

  • A new IR Seekerblock that works with both the V1 seeker and the V2 -and- allows you to use the 600Hz AC mode. (left image)
  • An “enhanced” IR Seeker V2 block which gives you improved performance at short distances (center image)
  • A limit block which allows you to clamp your numbers or make them wrap around. Handy if you have some calculations and you need to feed this data to your motor block; you could tell it to limit the values to something between –100 and a 100, for example. (right image).

You can read all about these new blocks right here: [LINK].

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