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  • HiTechnic Sensor EV3 Blocks

    HiTechnic Sensor EV3 Blocks

    EV3 September 4, 2013 10:45 2 comments

    HiTechnic has brought out a couple of EV3 programming blocks for its sensors. The blocks and instructions on how to import them into your software can be found here: [LINK]. With these blocks you will be able to use the Angle, Compass, Accelerometer, IRSeekerV2, and Gyro sensors.  Cool!

  • Comparing HiTechnic and Mindsensors SensorMUXes

    Comparing HiTechnic and Mindsensors SensorMUXes

    Sensors March 15, 2013 07:25 7 comments

    Now that both HiTechnic and Mindsensors have a SensorMUX, it may be a good opportunity to highlight some of the differences between the two. The HiTechnic SensorMUX This one has been around for a few years now and is well liked with FTC teams everywhere.  It allows you hook up […]

  • Exposed: HiTechnic Magnetic Compass

    Exposed: HiTechnic Magnetic Compass

    Exposed December 12, 2012 20:29 2 comments

    The HiTechnic Compass held a lot more internal chips and doodads than I had originally expected, to be very honest.  When one of my readers, Noah, suggested I take it apart and show the World its guts, I had my reservations.  I was pleasantly surprised, as I hope you will […]

  • May the Force be With You: HiTechnic Force Sensor

    May the Force be With You: HiTechnic Force Sensor

    Sensors September 11, 2012 07:35 6 comments

    If to be able to sense the Force you want your robot, an excellent choice this HiTechnic Force Sensor is.  Hmmmmm. ..  Due to come out in early October, this little bad boy can measure the amount of force applied to an axle that presses into the axle receptacle (image […]

  • New from HiTechnic: The MiniScope

    New from HiTechnic: The MiniScope

    Sensors August 28, 2012 06:32 1 comment

    HiTechnic told me they were working on this little gem a while back but it’s finally here!  The HiTechnic MiniScope!  This is so cool it’s not even funny!  It’s very small and can actually be plugged right into a bread board!  That’s very useful if you want to combine it […]

  • Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.8

    Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.8

    ROBOTC Driver Suite August 26, 2012 10:30 2 comments

    2 New Drivers There are two brand new drivers for the latest NXT sensors, the Mindstorms AbsoluteIMU and the HiTechnic Passive InfraRed (PIR) sensor.  The cool thing is that the HT PIR sensor will also work with the HiTechnic Sensor MUX (SMUX).  Only one thing, though, when you’re using with […]

  • Exposed! Full Frontal of HiTechnic PIR Sensor!

    Exposed! Full Frontal of HiTechnic PIR Sensor!

    Exposed, Sensors August 16, 2012 21:21 2 comments

    It’s been a while since I last did an “exposed” article, where I take apart a sensor and take intimate pictures of its insides.  The HiTechnic Passive Infra Red (PIR) is a great one though.  It was also one of the most tricky ones to photograph and put back together.  […]

  • New from HiTechnic: Passive IR Sensor

    New from HiTechnic: Passive IR Sensor

    Sensors June 7, 2012 07:37 15 comments

    HiTechnic have released a new product; the HiTechnic Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor.  With this sensor you can detect movement of warm bodies, such as pets and people. How does it work?  All warm bodies, such as people and pets emit a certain amount of heat, which is Infrared radiation.  This […]

  • Happy and Prosperous 2012

    Happy and Prosperous 2012

    Ramblings January 1, 2012 10:27 1 comment

    I’d like to wish all of my readers a very happy and prosperous 2012. 2011 was a big year for my blog and NXT-sensor land.  I moved from a hosted WordPress blog on to my own one on  I’ve never been happier about a hosting company.  We had […]

  • HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype Sensor

    HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype Sensor

    Sensors December 13, 2011 09:53 6 comments

    I received my HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype Sensor in the post yesterday and it’s epic.  It’s epic for a number of reasons: It has more inputs and outputs than you can shake a stick at, both analogue and digital. It can 6 digital strobe outputs (great if you want to start […]