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MINDSTORMS EV3 Robocup Junior Robot

I’ve been working on a Robocup Junior soccer playing robot, based on the new upcoming MINDSTORMS EV3 system.  I just wanted to give you a sneak peek at what it looks like.  This is probably rebuild number 15 or so, as I’ve been working on this since before December last year.  I made an NXT version before then, so I could get an idea of the basic shape.

However, the EV3 motors are quite different in how they’re mounted, so it required a total redesign.  The new motors are great and this robot has 3 large motors and 1 small one.  The three large ones are for powering the Rotacaster omniwheels and the small motor is for moving the kicking mechanism.  The thing I like about the new big motors is that they’re easy to mount into your robot in a very sturdy fashion; the additional pin holes on the back are great.  The small motor is very nice for putting to tight spaces where room is at a premium; which was definitely the case here.  That motor is suspended underneath the brick and fits in between the front motors.

MINDSTORMS EV3 Robocup Junior RobotMINDSTORMS EV3 Robocup Junior Robot

MINDSTORMS EV3 Robocup Junior Robot

The robot is not finished yet, and when it is done, I’ll have to build 3 more to make a total of 4, so I guess I have my work cut for me.

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