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  • Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite RC6

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors August 1, 2009 23:34 no comments

    Another release with some changes and additions: HTAC-driver.h: Fixed bad registers Added HTACreadAllAxes(tSensors link, int &x, int &y, int &z) Removed HTACreadAllAxes(tSensors link, tIntArray &data) Changed HTACreadX, Y, Z to use by reference instead of as return value HTIRS-driver.h: Fixed wrong registers HTEOPD-driver.h: Added HTEOPDsetShortRangeNW and HTEOPDsetLongRangeNW, these don’t wait […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite RC5

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors June 23, 2009 20:31 no comments

    Some minor changes in this version and some bug fixes. Changelog: HTDIR-test1.c (0.2) Partial rewrite by Dick Swan, waits a little longer for sensor initialisation Nicer intro screen Less screen flickering, only updated if there’s been a change in data. common.h: (0.3.2) makes use of the new alpha’s built-in clearI2CBus(). […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite RC4

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors June 18, 2009 16:11 no comments

    A new version of the RobotC Driver Suite has been released.  A driver for the Mindsensors LineLeader sensor was added.  The initial driver was written by Thom Roach and modified by me to fit better into the suite’s framework.  Thank you Thom for your work! Changelog: Many drivers had their […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite RC3

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors May 31, 2009 16:28 1 comment

    A new version of the RobotC Driver Suite has been released.  Two new drivers were added and some improvements were made in the I2C bus error handling. Changelog: NEW: Added driver for AT24C512 EEPROM chip. NEW: Added Light Sensor driver with calibration!  You can use one of the test programs […]

  • New revamped RobotC Drivers project page

    After a couple of hours of fiddling with HTML in Notepad, I’m proud to present the new and improved project page for the 3rd Party RobotC Driver project.  I’ll add more to it as time goes by.  For your tree killing pleasure, I’ve also added a PDF version of the […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite rc2

    A new release of the drivers has been uploaded.  No code changes but the minimum requirement has gone from RobotC 1.40 to 1.46 after problems were reported with some of the drivers. RobotC 1.46 can be downloaded from the following location: [LINK].  There is also a 1.47B available, which can […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite rc1

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors April 26, 2009 20:52 3 comments

    A new release of the 3rd Party Driver Suite for RobotC is out! This version is RC1. The obligatory Changelog: – Driver for the new HiTechnic IR Seeker v2 (HTDIR) has been added – Driver for the HiTechnic Compass Sensor, which I had forgotten to include with beta1 has been […]

  • Released: RobotC Driver Suite beta1

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Sensors March 26, 2009 23:26 no comments

    After many weeks of writing and testing, I’m ready to release my first suite of RobotC drivers for quite a number of devices and sensors.  I’ve tried to make sure that every API call was documented and (almost) all drivers have an example program to demonstrate how to use the […]