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New from HiTechnic: NXT SuperPro Prototype Board

NXT SuperPro Prototype Board

HiTechnic have released their latest creation: the NXT SuperPro Prototype Board.  It’s a like the old Prototype Board (which seems to be gone from the website now) only much, much more advanced.  You can actually hook this thing up to your USB port and reprogram it to do what you want.  This thing is packed full of awesome features:

  • 4 analog inputs – 10 bit A/D, 0 – 3.3v
  • 2 analog outputs; 0-3.3v, 1-8191Hz, 7 analog modes:
    1. DC voltage level
    2. Sine wave
    3. Square wave
    4. Positive going sawtooth
    5. Negative going sawtooth
    6. Triangle wave
    7. PWM voltage
  • 8 digital I/O bits that can be configured as read or write
  • 6 digital strobe outputs
    • 1 pre-configured read strobe
    • 1 pre-configured write strobe
    • 4 can be set to high or low logic level
  • 3.3v, 5v and 9v power outputs
  • Onboard memory
    • 12k user RAM
    • 56k user program FLASH
    • 1Mb external storage FLASH
  • Onboard Firmware FeaturesNXT
    • I/O data and command connection
    • USB I/O
    • Onboard program execution
    • Multiple simultaneous user processes
    • Onboard datalogging

I’ve been told one will be on its way to me next week.  Man, I cannot wait to get my hands on this!  This board has been under development for a while now, I think I first heard about it 1.5-2 years ago but I am so glad it’s available now. You can rest assured that I will be writing more about it once I ‘ve played with it a bit.

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