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  • WiFi Week 2 at Dexter Industries

    WiFi Week 2 at Dexter Industries

    Sensors March 22, 2012 17:00 no comments

    Dexter Industries has started another WiFi Week!  Exciting projects will be unveiled each day, just like the last WiFi week a little while back. Cool projects that have been published so far as part of WiFi Week 2: Pachube with LEGO™ MINDSTORMS™ NXT – Connect and display your sensor data […]

  • WiFi Week at Dexter Industries

    WiFi Week at Dexter Industries

    Sensors November 11, 2011 18:09 2 comments

    It’s been a super exciting and busy week over at Dexter Industries! To celebrate the official release of their WiFi sensor, they published an article each day on some of the cool things you can do with this new sensor. Friday: Connecting The Wifi Sensor to a Network The first […]

  • Released: Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor

    Released: Dexter Industries WiFi Sensor

    Sensors November 4, 2011 17:56 3 comments

    With a gestation period of a baby elephant but with the grace of a cheetah, Dexter Industries are proud to present their latest offering: the WiFi Sensor. You may remember me building a web server a while back that allowed you to fiddle with a motor over the Internet, now […]

  • We’we in fow a Tweet!

    We’we in fow a Tweet!

    Sensors October 25, 2011 19:06 4 comments

    Dexter Industries have used their WiFi sensor to send a Tweet straight from the NXT over WiFi! It uses the Arduino Tweet Library relaying site to send them which is really, really cool!  I am so going to rebuild TwitterTattle to do this.  No more tethering needed! This is fantastic. […]

  • I’d Rather Be Streaming Robots

    Experiments, Ramblings, Sensors May 12, 2011 06:36 2 comments

    The NXT webserver has been up for a few days now and it’s really cool to see so many people logging into it to make the motor move.  When I created it, I had no idea that it was going to be used as much as it has been.  I’ve […]

  • Want to Play with my NXT?

    Want to Play with my NXT?

    I am currently streaming a live feed of my NXT on UStream.  You can easily control the motor on my NXT using URLs like: – stop the motor – run the motor at 100% clockwise – run the motor at 50% counter-clockwise. The power to the motor […]

  • WiFi? Because We Can!

    WiFi? Because We Can!

    Sensors April 14, 2011 09:58 9 comments

    The mailman brought some shiny new toys this morning, one of which included the all-new Dexter Industries WiFi sensor.  I don’t have all the technical details for this one yet, but like the NXTBee, it uses the NXT’s RS485 port for high-speed communications. It has a clip to hold a […]