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  • Mindsensors GlideWheel-M

    Mindsensors GlideWheel-M

    Sensors May 22, 2012 20:30 12 comments

    The mailman brought me a cool new toy to play with this afternoon!  It’s the Mindsensors GlideWheel-M!  These are so cool, you can now use the Large XL Power Functions motor with the same degree of accuracy as an NXT motor.  The GlideWheel-M is just a single unit thick and […]

  • Coming soon: Mindsensors AbsoluteIMU

    Coming soon: Mindsensors AbsoluteIMU

    Sensors May 22, 2012 20:08 4 comments

    Mindsensors have been working on an IMU of their own.  It has a compass, and accelerometer, as well as a 3-axis gyro.  It can be used is available in two configurations: Accelerometer and Compass or Gyro Accelerometer and Compass and Gyro. Seems a bit strange to have to chose between these […]

  • Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.6

    Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.6

    ROBOTC Driver Suite April 11, 2012 20:29 2 comments

    Some cool new stuff I’ve added support for the HumaRobotics WiFiBlock WiFI sensor.  I’ve also been very busy the past two weeks working on a tutorial for the driver suite. This release also contains a couple of example programs that are discussed in the tutorial. Changelog * Added new driver […]

  • ROBOTC Driver Suite Tutorial

    ROBOTC Driver Suite Tutorial

    ROBOTC Driver Suite, Tutorials April 11, 2012 20:29 no comments

    Finally, after months and months of stalling, I have started and completed a tutorial for my Driver Suite. It actually took me a lot less effort than I originally thought it would, but I am happy with the result, as I am sure you will be. The tutorial will help […]

  • WiFi Week 2 at Dexter Industries

    WiFi Week 2 at Dexter Industries

    Sensors March 22, 2012 17:00 no comments

    Dexter Industries has started another WiFi Week!  Exciting projects will be unveiled each day, just like the last WiFi week a little while back. Cool projects that have been published so far as part of WiFi Week 2: Pachube with LEGO™ MINDSTORMS™ NXT – Connect and display your sensor data […]

  • Coming Soon from Mindsensors: GlideWheel

    Coming Soon from Mindsensors: GlideWheel

    Sensors March 22, 2012 09:04 3 comments

    Do you like Power Function motors but hate the way you can’t use them with any degree of accuracy?  You love how compact they are but are not impressed with how many extension cables and converters you need to use them? Well, soon, most, if not all, your reasons to […]

  • ROBOTC Drivers: Winding road

    ROBOTC Drivers: Winding road

    ROBOTC Driver Suite March 21, 2012 23:16 11 comments

    I don’t usually use graphs but when I do… Ever since I started writing my drivers back at the end of 2008, I would not have thought that I would now be almost at 6000 downloads. I was pouring over the stats and I noticed something quite cool.  It is […]

  • Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.5

    Released: ROBOTC Driver Suite V2.5

    ROBOTC Driver Suite March 18, 2012 23:22 no comments

    Two new drivers Support for two new sensors has been added this time: The Dexter Industries 3-axis Magnetic Compass Sensor (dCompass) Mindsensors Pressure Sensor (PPS58-Nx) Changelog * Added new driver + test programs for Dexter Industries dCompass (Driver name: DIMC) * Added new driver + test programs for the Mindsensors […]

  • Win a dCompass on Aswin’s Blog!

    Win a dCompass on Aswin’s Blog!

    Ramblings March 5, 2012 08:19 1 comment

    Not sure where to go?  Need a compass for your NXT? Then head to Aswin’s blog and you could win one of the new Dexter Industries dCompass sensors.  Entering is easy, just follow the instructions in the article! You’d better hurry though, the give-away closes on March 15, 2012, so […]

  • Dexter Industries dCompass

    Dexter Industries dCompass

    Sensors February 20, 2012 17:14 3 comments

      Dexter Industries seem to really crank ‘em out lately with all the new sensors.  This time they’ve made a really nice compass sensor based on the Honeywell HMC5883L 3-axis digital compass IC. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with this little beauty for a little while now.  A preliminary […]